The SNES emulator is a success on App Store

The SNES Emulator has reached the Apple App Store. Who does not remember playing Mario Brothers version in its new Super Nintendo console. Games on the SNES console and several will enjoy with our iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

An application storage that doubles as SNES Emulator., Apple managers decided to nominate this app as the best app (application) paid on the App Store. Despite being a paid app has a lot of support from users who bought it.

The name of this new app is; Remote File Manager. The occupation can connect to your FTP account and also to that of DropBox. This way you can have control of your files from the comfort of your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Thanks to that you can connect to your FTP and Dropbox accounts., SNES Emulator can open “ROM” files, these files are the ones you can play on your own emulator. There are an infinite amount of web pages that have a wide variety of games for all tastes.

It is unclear when the app was Remote File Manager acquired this kind of feature in the App Store., But Apple does not like such changes without them be aware of what happens to applications that are provided from your system. It is thought that it will soon be removed from the mercardo. Do not think twice, go and download this app so you can have your SNES emulator to your Apple gadgets.

The SNES emulator is a success on App Store

It is important to know that this type of app are not allowed in the App Store, because whenever any app of this nature comes to light in the App Store is totally removed.

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