Smartphones home in your pocket

Indeed, from this year, smartphones take a big leap that will enable users to solve specific problems. Thus, it seeks to address cybercrime has directed his gaze to the technology segments.

Because the high-end smartphones continue to evolve, the user can connect through small devices like watches or rings that come in the spring.

The machine to machine communication will grow at an incredible rate so the company Fjord responsible for the design and innovation of Accenture, said that this year we can expect the home in the pocket.

With a mobile device, you can control all the devices in our homes. Even objects converse to provide solutions to users and there will be a digital renaissance of the health sector.

It also provides a rapprochement between Chrome OS and Android owned by Google. In addition, an opponent that will prioritize WatsApp images versus text and will be promoted by viral campaigns advertised.

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