Why Apple will use the sapphire on their smartphones

The sapphire crystal, as mentioned, is, moreover, a material that is not new and has been used in many other devices for years. For example, it is likely that the clock has now count on the wrist with a protected sphere by this element.

Among his many qualities, as seen in recent videos, be that of extreme strength, scratch resistance and at the same time, plenty of torque.

Because Apple uses now and nobody had used it so far?

The answer to this question is none other than the price. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3, widely used throughout the industry and by Apple in its products to date, is not able to offer much resistance and qualities, but does so at a much cheaper price and also offers more sheets thin and light, as the sapphire crystal is a much denser material.

What is the sapphire?

The sapphire, as is known in nature, is the generic name given to many precious stones of different colors.You usually see it in blue adorning jewelry, but if red is called ruby ​​or if we have an emerald green.Eventually all crystals are enormous durability but, however, not be used or transparent natural sapphires are used in the manufacture of any device. And in its natural state is very difficult to work, not to say that it is almost impossible to draw a transparent plate of this material, the extraction is very complicated.

So what will be used in the iPhone 6 ?

In 1902, the French chemist Auguste Verneuil invented what may be called the “synthetic sapphire” applying an incredible amount of pressure and heat to a sample of aluminum oxide powder. From there, after a process to give durability and malleability, synthetic sapphire is what is commonly known as “sapphire crystal”.

And is so called because it captures many of the qualities of the material in its natural state. It is almost two times harder than normal glass, approaching the level of the diamond. In practical terms, it is almost impossible to scratch, if not with featured above mentioned stones. But it is not only hard, it is also fuernte, capable of withstanding a compression pressure of up to 2,000 megapascals, which amounts to ten times resisting steel.

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