LG is combining the Tamagotchi with Smartphones

The new trend is about to start, LG is combining the Tamagotchi with smartphones so users can have their pets in their smartphones from LG. The company is calling them to the phone Aka (pronounced ‘ah-kah’) and, thanks to the sleeve covering it comes integrated with smart chips, the phone switches between four preset personalities. And they also have names.

When users your hand in front of the front chamber are stirred phone , the Aka personality makes a face or something. The user interface of the phone is influenced by Aka personality, changing the colors and style of the interface of the phone .

Users can get rewards for Aka by buying more accessories or connect with their real-world friends also have a phone Aka. Aka owners can also take selfies with personality-based software for your phone, or by mail to the account Instagram the Aka.

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