Do not miss Wi-Fi signal with’re Apps Smartphone

More and more we use the wi-fi signal, either at home with our router or our mobile operator, so you do not run out signal we found some really cool apps that will make life easier as to wireless signals is concerned.


Download: OpenSignal | iOS Download: OpenSignal | Android

We ran with his “speedometer signal” the best reception sites, also keeps statistics of its users, thus provides an excellent database that will help us find the best reception points.

WiFi Analyzer

Download: WiFi Analyzer | Android

Although not available in the app store from Apple, if you use this android app will help you find the closest wifi channels and also to configure your router to channel less saturated network.

Fing Network Tools

Download: Fing Network Tools | iOS

Download: Fing Network Tools | Android

With this application you can find out that you have connected to your network, from phones , to televisions , computers and all that exists within your wireless network. It also provides important information such as the IP device and the name thereof.

WiFi Manager

Download: WiFi Manager | iOS

Download: WiFi Manager | Android

This application lets you find and manage wireless networks around you and can alert you whenever you’re near them, also manages information such as network IP and graphics with the intensity of the signal.

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