Joyful Executions is the game that vetoed Apple AppStore

The theme of Joyful Executions is a great aid to North Korean leader to punish all those who are traitors of the same patria.De so Apple decided that this issue is not going according to your privacy statement.

The app Joyful Executions was available to download iOS dispisitivos, but the question of the respective morality with North Korea had to withdraw the app from the AppStore. The company that developed this game only rectifies the game is a fun way to see life in this game, Joyful Executions .

Today, Tuesday 6 August it was decided that the game Joyful Executions would be withdrawn from the AppStore by Apple, but apparently the Google Play have other ideologies as the game considered immoral … still in the playground for the Android operating system .


Joyful, is responsible for the development of this game Joyful Executions . They count on their official website that they just wanted to make a funny parody about North Korea.

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