What is better, the iPad Mini iPad or Air?, You decide!

Apple has simultaneously renewed their iPad tablets, the ‘big’ model with 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch iPad mini with screen.

Most notable is now between the iPad and the iPad Mini Air no more difference than the screen size. Size and weight and price vary, but everything else, processor and memory capacity, screen resolution, connectivity or storage capacity is equal in both models. This means above all that the iPad mini is far superior to its predecessor to ‘jump’ the equivalent of two generations to catch up to the iPad ‘big’.

The iPad mini to receive the long-awaited Retina high resolution display, but sacrificed much in demand in the previous generation feature. A mini iPad with Retina display had been rumored for some time, even after the Google Nexus 7 September estrenase screen comparable in terms of sharpness.

So, unlike the previous mini iPad, the new iPad mini model gives up nothing compared to the iPad, but it’s a third smaller.

You can still run all the applications available for iPad, also the most complex and sophisticated games to be just as powerful and have the same screen resolution as the larger model. Even mini iPad screen is somewhat sharper as it contains the same number of pixels (approximately 3.2 million) in a smaller area.

Which model to choose?

Considering the above, the choice between an iPad Air or iPad mini is reduced to the question of size, which does not necessarily mean it is now easier to choose between one or the other.

For example, if the intention is to use the iPad as a home computer to surf the web, edit and view photos or video is made with camera, e-mail address and use applications and games, no doubt the iPad Air is the best choice. Its display is significantly larger, which makes it more versatile and convenient to operate.

For the same reason the iPad Air is also more ‘for all ages’. The items displayed are larger and easier to hit them with your finger and see them, which particularly benefits young children. Also in the Air iPad easier reading texts, which appreciate older or less used to reading on screen people.



The iPad Air is also more appropriate if it is to be used as a substitute for a laptop occasionally with or without external keyboard. If instead the iPad traveling companion is a laptop then that is loaded every gram counts.

That the iPad mini shows its advantages is smaller and weighs 140 grams less than the iPad Air, but in the hand the difference is hardly noticeable and even the iPad mini seems heavier. But 140 grams is the weight of a typical smartphone.

The iPad mini shows all his virtues when used, rather than as a replacement for a laptop, in addition, similar to the old PDA (digital assistants) primarily for managing tasks and contacts, email and the consultation and reading documents.

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