Patent Apple’s Face Recognition

Under the number eight million 600 thousand 120, the patent called “personal computing device using face detection and recognition”, the original company of Cupertino, California, will compete with some Android devices that already have such technology.

The technology firm Apple filed a patent for face recognition for your electronic devices, which seeks to overcome the use fingerprint to unlock the iPhone 5s team.

Apple patent justifies the warning in the document filed with the Patent and Trademark Office U.S. often, personal electronic devices can not efficiently determine if a user has the authority to perform certain functions, such as accessing a computer application restricted , among others.

The registered license includes the process of detection and / or location of one or more faces in an image, recognition that a detected face or person associated with a particular user and application input and output that allows Apple computers participate in the obtained face data.

The signature on your Xbox One version belongs to Microsoft, and uses face detection format for interaction with the system and the applications it offers.

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