Now you can buy your PS4 do not have to wait

Forget about long lines to purchase the new Play Station 4. Now you can buy your PS4 do not have to wait.Since last Friday the people who live in USA can enjoy the new Sony PS4.

We could see the long lines that made gamers to purchase the PS4 console. Some even days before to be one of the first to purchase this gaming console. The revolutionary PS4 is selling like hotcakes.

Maybe for some One Xbox is the best console, but we here at Entuespacio believe is the best Play Station 4. Not only for their style and ability. The features that have the PS4 are huge compared to the Xbox One of Microsoft.

So far we have not seen any related complaint with experienced play Sony Play Station 4. As I said earlier, you can share your PS4 already have to wait no longer.

Now you can buy your PS4 do not have to wait

Some of the sites specializing in video games gave feedback to make this new Sony console. And so far are all very good review.

Polygon: “Unlike the PS3, the latest effort from Sony was built to evolve. But the focus of the PS4 in play-and-play is just nicked by a distinct lack of compelling software. This improve-fault insurance and better games appear in the PS4-but now, this is a gaming console without a game to recommend. The pioneers of this fall are buying PS4 potential energy. We’re just waiting for a place to spend it. “

Kotaku: The Gawker web video game out in his review progress in various aspects of the PS4, since it is easy to carry from place to place, the attractive design of your OS (when online) that share functionality what is done in the game is “exciting” and, among other things, that the required facilities can last about 30 seconds.

IGN: Nor ends his review, but they published the first impress mentioned that the initial configuration is short, use your operating system feels “soft”, the Remote Play (play on a Vita PS4) has performed well in almost at all times, etc. In general, they believe it is awesome, now.

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