St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated Why this day?

Every year on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day or better known as St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated worldwide. What began as a religious holiday for the patron saint of Ireland has become an international festival celebrating Irish culture with parades, dances, special foods and plenty of color “Green”.

The St. Patrick’s Day is customary to wear shamrocks and / or green clothing or accessories. St Patrick is said to have used the shamrock, a three-leaved plant to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish.

This story first appeared in writing in 1726, although it may be of greater antiquity. In pagan Ireland, three was a significant number and it had many Irish triple deities. The triple spiral symbol appears in many ancient megalithic sites in Ireland.

The color green is associated with Ireland since at least the 1640s, when the green flag harp was used by the Irish Catholic Confederation. Green ribbons and shamrocks were worn on St. Patrick’s Day, at least since the 1680s.

And you already have an accessory green?

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