The importance of service in SMEs

As in any business, the most important is the client . In a globalized and competitive world it is important to create a good relationship with your customers, improving the care and services that you offer. You do not so much have the best product, but is also important, but to satisfy relational needs with consumers by improving the customer-company relationship.

The SMEs have greater difficulty of covering a good market share than large multinational companies and therefore it is important to strengthen the relationship with the customer, and one of the distinguishing features that can make you highlight on your competition is, precisely the helpdesk .

Every business or company that wants to succeed in their respective fields must be aware of the importance of providing good technical support that is also fast and efficient . This will have to be equipped with human and material resources necessary to provide a satisfactory solution to consumers.

All this leads to a improvement of the corporate image of the SMEs , which shows your customers that their services do not end with the sale and which remains concerned about their customers once the product delivered. It forms in the consumer’s mind the idea that in case of any problem will solve the company through its service, and that gives you confidence to purchase other products in the future, and to recommend it to other potential customers.

Conversely, poor technical support can result in loss of customers, as these are not solved their post-sale problems, deteriorating the branding of the company. As in the previous case, and combined with the current importance of social networks, both bad service and a good one is viralizará the network, propagating in the first case a negative brand image and discrediting.

Therefore it is vital to have good technical support services that extend the company beyond the time of sale , as it is elemental to cover all phases in the process.

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