We spent over ten hours on the phone

Since the phones are the smart people have become addicted to them, and is intended to be around 639 minutes a day that is more than 10 hours on the computer. Currently there are a billion phones in the world, certainly an impressive figure.

And is that the figures are due to the smart phone is available almost all services, reason makes people increasingly rely on the devices.

Karaokulta founder, Jorge Suarez Basáñez reveals that this situation is a great opportunity to develop applications and independent games, given that demand for these services has increased considerably since 2009.

It also adds that compared to the needs of the users are very few microenterprises in Mexico developing applications with the emphasis still is gaining worldwide this media consumption and communication.

The reason is simple they can reach millions of people in seconds, mainly through applications . The founder urges young people to get involved in creating applications.

Karaokulta is a community of three thousand developers of video games and companies of technologyfor the purpose of entertaining.

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